Frequently Asked Questions

PR Ramp was created to provide resources and opportunities specifically for Public Relations / Marketing / Communications (Media) students and recent graduates. Currently, we are focused on our mentorship initiative.

Listed below are frequently asked questions that you should find useful whether you’d like to be a mentor or be mentored.  Reach out to us at if you have further questions.


We prioritize Ontario students and recent graduates (less than 2 years out), but we’ll accept requests from anyone interested in mentorship.

All you need to do is email us at, saying you’re interested. Any further details will help us determine the best mentor, but we’re glad to have a chat to help you figure it out. Our mentor list is constantly growing, and it can be a bit overwhelming – our team will make it easier to find the one best suited to address your concerns.


We know how difficult students and graduates have it – we’re not charging a single dime. For the mentorship initiative, all we ask is that you share the experience on social (so other students and mentors can find us), share any insights from your session with us, and to fill out our feedback survey – so we can continue to improve, and take feedback into consideration for our future initiatives.

That’s what we’re here for! The communications field is diverse, and it can be tough to figure out who can help best. We usually have a short call to help determine your interests and challenges, and will suggest certain mentors if you aren’t too sure. We also have you fill out a short questionnaire (should take 2-3 mins to complete) that we send along to the mentor so they can determine that they’re best suited to address your concerns.

Yes! Lot of irons in the fire. If you have any suggestions on initiatives you’d like to see, feel free to reach out to us at All of our initiatives are born out of feedback from students and recent graduates.

We’ll post all initiatives on our site (right here). You can also follow us on social to keep up to date: we’re @pr_ramp on Twitter, and PR Ramp on LinkedIn.


If you’ve got 2+ years of experience in the communications on field, email us at and we’ll get you up on our roster! We’ll put up your name, title, organization, photo (pulled from Linkedin), and link your Linkedin profile.

We’ll also be sharing these profiles on social to reach out to more mentors and students:

@pr_ramp on Twitter, and PR Ramp on LinkedIn.

Once you’re up on our site, you’re good to go! When we have an interested student, we’ll reach out to you to confirm your availability – we’ll also share a short questionnaire the mentee fills out, so you have a snapshot of their interests and challenges.

If a mentee has a very specific and comprehensive idea of what they’re looking for, we’ll have them fill out a questionnaire and send them your way. Otherwise, we also have a short call to help them figure out who they want to talk to.

We’ve heard our mentors’ concerns, and work hard to ensure that our mentees come with enough questions and concerns – speaking specifically to your experience – to take up the potential hour. We know your time is valuable.

We’ve also heard horror stories of past experiences – where mentees didn’t show up to their session, without notice. This is unacceptable, and we properly screen to ensure commitment.

This is based on our mentor’s preference. We offer to set up a Zoom session based on a time that works for mentor or mentee, or we turn it over to the mentor to set up at their discretion upon coordination with the mentee. Most mentors have preferred to coordinate themselves – having the session over Zoom/Skype/Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams.

We ask for 1 hour, but we don’t expect it to take quite that long. After one session ends, we follow up to see if you’d be interested in mentoring more students, and to collect feedback on the experience.

We’re learning as we go.

We thank you for participating. None of this is possible without the compassionate professionals who volunteer their precious time to help newcomers in our field.